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Will Esports Dominate Online Gambling After Poker

Sports gamblers are an enthusiastic group and are willing to wager on any sporting event that catches their fancy and will place their bets on a competitive match if opponents are strong and the game interesting. When sports betting became legal in several European nations, bookmakers tended to collect bets on top sports competitions held within national boundaries. But with the help of companies like Bet365, FreeBet and several other online sports betting firms, punters started betting money on Esports matches. Games like Starcraft, League of Legends and their sequels are more popular than live football matches.

Esports gambling

Esports a billion dollar industry

The enthusiasm of Esports has been adopted from Korea where Starcraft players are treated more grandly than football champs and now they dominate competitions held in international locations against players from Europe and Asia. Evidence that Esports is a growing sports phenomenon is visible in ESPN’s decision to broadcast these live events where players earn literally millions in each match. Though this was an Asian phenomenon now Esports is being practiced by European and American citizens too as they see larger crowds at these events unlike NHL or NBA. Companies that have already invested in this popular sport are reaping its benefits.

Future of Esports gambling

Bet365 Sports was among the first betting companies to join Esports gambling and reports show that fans of these sports will be more numerous than those watching NFL games by 2017. According to experts the enthusiasm of this sport is more because it is difficult to predict match winners though people that play these video games understand its nuances better than those that are just watching it and betting. These player punters have an edge over other punters in Esports gambling and are able to find value in betting odds by bookmakers. Most players of video games are youngsters that cannot take part of Esports gambling as they are underage though they can share knowledge with friends or relatives and help them make money.

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