Top Wins

Here we document the biggest casino wins in history. Here are the five top wins in recent gambling history:

5. Charlie Wells walked away with $1 million dollars from a Roulette game in 1913, having bet about $4,000 worth of chips at the beginning of that day. $1 million from that time could be counted as $20 million in today’s currency, making his achievement even more remarkable. Another interesting fact? Charlie won this bet by betting on the number five, for five consecutive attempts. This is one of those bets that can only be explained by a twist of fate.

4. Not only is soccer the most popular sport in the world, but the owner of Newcastle United FC, Mike Ashley, is famous for taking away a cool $1.6 million from Fifty Casino in England. He was playing Roulette for only a few minutes, yet won the amazing sum with his skill and good fortune. He placed a bet on number 17, and rounded off the game by betting on color 17 and odd. He won the money in 15 minutes, one of the quickest wins in history.

3. Elmer Sherwin won $5 million and $21 million during two separate casino bets. His first bet took place in 1989, with his second in 2005. His odds during the second bet of casino slots were one to fifty million, but he emerged victorious. It goes to show that there may be many skilled professional gamblers, but without luck nothing is possible. Elmer Sherwin has a slot machine to thank for the vast majority of the fortune he has amassed.

2. Online betting has become all the rage, with people placing real money bets on virtual casino games. This was the case for “Peter”, who won $38 million through an online progressive jackpot game. He was playing an online slot machine, better known as Arabian Nights, when he won this amount. It is incredible that he managed to win such an amount without having to leave his house.

1. Archie Karas is the most famous gambler in many people’s eyes, and he is also the largest casino winner in history. There will be many successful gamblers in the future, but it is unlikely that anyone will be able to match his feat of turning $50 into $40 million. It is true that Karas lost most of his fortune later, but that does not take away from the remarkable feat that he accomplished. After turning $50 into $10,000, most would have gone home, but Karas continued his lucky streak until he reached the amazing total of $40 million. It is a shame that he did not walk away from gambling after that day.

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