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Remember Joe Asher

Remembering Joe AsherDo you enjoy playing mobile casinos games? Many people do! In fact, mobile casinos have become a huge asset for players and casino owners alike. People are able to gamble from different casino locations. However, did you ever stop to consider how mobile casinos started? There was a time when people were skeptical of mobile casinos. A person had to fight to get mobile casinos made legal. Do you know the name of one of those people? It’s Joe Asher. Asher was the man behind getting mobile gambling up and running in the state of Nevada. He was the managing director of Cantor G&W, the division of gaming in the larger firm of Cantor Fitzgerald.

Asher visualized a day where people would be able to relax in chairs beside the pool or catch a show and not have to miss a second of gambling. He knew it was in a casino’s best interest to get people to gamble as much as they possibly could. His solution was mobile gambling. The casino could provide a device to patrons that allowed them to gamble when away from the traditional gaming floor. However, Asher was met with critics with valid concerns. One concern was the security of the devices. Nobody wanted someone gambling with someone else’s money. The second concern was children somehow getting control of a device to gamble illegally. Fortunately, Asher was able to resolve these concerns with legislators.

Asher was able to get the Nevada Gaming Board to allow business to propose ways they could bring wireless gambling to Nevada casinos in March of 2006. This was the watershed moment that allowed mobile gaming to slowly become a reality. Remember Joe Asher the next time you use mobile gambling at a casino!

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