Gambling winnings

Gambling Winnings Seized By State Patrol

  John Newmerzhycky and William Davis maintain they were driving home following a poker tournament, when troopers pulled them over. They maintain that out of state motorists are unjustly targeted by the Iowa state’s so-called interdiction teams. “There’s certainly nothing illegal or unusual about individuals driving through America with out of state plates … and

21 Oct 2014
Les Ambassadeurs Casino

Les Ambassadeurs Casino Gets Sued

Exclusive gaming room at Les Ambassadeurs came under the scanner as the top London Casino got sued by affluent Dubai poker aficionado Iraj Parvizi. Seemingly based on the plot of a high sting operation, Parvizi claims to be a victim to an elaborate collusion by two professional card players.   The case Parvizi mentioned that

08 Sep 2014
Dolphins vs Bills Odds

Online Gambling: Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills Odds

The NFL season is only a week old, which means every team will be fancying their chances of having a good season. It is vital to get off to a good start in the NFL, because playing catch up is not easy. With that in mind, this divisional match up between the Miami Dolphins and

11 Aug 2014
Roulette Dealers

Do Roulette Dealers Cheat the System?

  Even though there is no blatant cheating done by dealers at roulette games, players often have to battle difficult odds to win at this game. Statisticians calculate that the house has a 2.4% edge in every roulette game. However, players that take part in this game in Europe may find that the odds are

04 Jun 2014
Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands Files Lawsuit to Bring Down Two Asian Websites

Popular resort and casino operator, Las Vegas Sands, has filed a lawsuit in Nevada’s District Court, seeking compensation from the operators of Asia-facing gambling websites. The suit, filed on Friday, June 27, claims Sands trademarks were being used illegally on a total of 35 domains run by the operators.   Domains and targeted

21 May 2014
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