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Miss Finland Takes Down A Poker Pro

It finally happened! A poker pro fell at the hands of a beautiful maiden. Well almost. What happened exactly is that a former Miss Finland forced a poker pro to fold his winning hand!


Miss Finland playing Poker


Let’s take it from the start


It happened at Shark Cage, which is a TV event produced by PokerStars. In the show poker pros play against members of the public and celebrities. These are chosen by the producers and they play against the pros in single-table tourneys but with a prize for the winner at $1,000,000.

The Shark Cage refers to an interesting concept in the game where players are sent to spend time behind bars (on the set) to contemplate their game if they fold their best hands. There are other interesting twists in the game like ‘shot clock’ and others.


Miss Finland vs. poker pro


The pro in this incident was Ronnie Bardah who won a bracelet at the 2012 WSOP event. The producers pitted former Miss Finland Sara Chafak against him. However, she played a mean game and her play led Bardah to fold his winning hand. Now here is Bardah, a poker pro, who has won more than $1 million playing live poker tournaments and somehow he folded!

It made big news on the poker circuit and amongst poker fans. But it must be said of Bardah that he handled it like a pro even when he was the talk of the poker circuit and not in a good way. He later tweeted about the episode and once available, even posted the link where others could watch it.

Now if Sara Chafak would be all for playing Bardah again or not, who is to say? However, if it happens, it is likely that Bardah will try to do better this time against her.

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