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Cash Game Legend Targeting WSOP Bracelet

Benjamin Sulsky is known for his online poker games, where he goes by the name of “Sauce123"Benjamin Sulsky, who is also known as “Ben” Sulsky, is a professional poker player. He is known for his online poker games, where he goes by the name of “Sauce123”. Sulsky has decided to play in this year’s World Series of Poker championship and has entered the 50000 dollar players championship event. While a legend in the online circuit, he is still a débutante at WSOP and is not as well known as some of the other players. That, however, isn’t deterring him any. He intends to win his first WSOP bracelet during this year’s event.


Going strong as players enter day four


19 players made it through to the day four of the 50000 dollar players championship event. However, Sulsky has to play the likes of Chris Klodniki, Jason Mercier, Mike Gorodinsky, among many others, all of whom looked to be creating a work of art during the event; quite unlike Sulsky himself. However, it should be noted that Sulsky is no stranger to media attention nor to big stakes.


Doesn’t feel very strongly about the 50k event


The American Sulsky, who is currently based in Toronto, says that he doesn’t have much of special feelings associated with this event and feels that it is a “fun” and “relaxing”. The 50k is a mixed game event, to which the American is no stranger, but neither is he very experienced at. Sulsky himself admitted that he isn’t very great at Badugi, mainly because it isn’t as popular online.

Ben has had a pretty great year so far and he has played quite a few mixed games. Sulsky had a tumultuous time a few years ago when he lost a lot of money online (when he was very overconfident), but he says that he has moved past it and his ego has been kept in check since.

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