I am Paul

I have always been fascinated by gambling and by huge wins in particular. It is not just about looking at the numbers that are won or lost, but about the emotions involved in placing such larges bet. It is one thing to lose or win $20 on sports betting, but an entirely different situation when $10 or $20 million dollars are put on the table. It is fascinating to look at what characteristics define a person who is willing to gamble away so much money in the hopes of a big win, whether at a land-based casino or an online one likeĀ www.casino-aus.com. Not only does it take a bit of luck and a lot of intelligence to be a famous gambler, but it requires nerves of steel. A person can have all the gambling acumen in the world, but when you have a few minutes to make a big bet on the table, clear thinking is difficult. What separates the top gamblers from those who lose too often is not just luck, but the ability to think objectively when emotions are running high. This is why I have always admired famous gamblers, and I decided to create this website to honor their achievements.

I am Paul Cheers and good luck, Paul

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